I'm a member of the Facebook AI Research Group (FAIR), working on large-scale problems in machine intelligence. I'm currently applying deep learning methods to tasks in computer vision and natural language processing.

Before joining FAIR, I was a graduate student in mathematical statistics at Trinity College, Cambridge, where I graduated with distinction. Before Cambridge, I worked on Facebook's advertising optimization group, building large-scale machine learning models for understanding users and advertisements.

I studied mathematics at the University of Sydney, where I graduated with first class honours, the university medal, and the Joye Prize for the top student in the Faculty of Science, out of over 6,000 students. I interned at Goldman Sachs as a quantitative analyst on the FICC and algorithm trading desks in my final year of my undergraduate degree.

You can find a more informal and in-depth biographic at /about. You can get in touch with me at mailto:[email protected].

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